Poverty is a state of mind

Let’s talk about what comes first in your mind hearing the word ”poverty”.
We think about poor people who can’t afford food, education and so on.
Now the question is that ”will poverty end or no”?
It depends!
EVERYTHING depends on how people think in their mind! The main reason is that people suffering from poverty are themselves and their contempt in working, finding job or earning money. People with this kind of feeble awareness and wrong, negative attitude will always think that they are poor and that’s what blocking themselves to be rich and happy, plus this type of thoughts are just causing  unnecessary depression.

There are many people in poverty who have goals, dreams and many things to achieve but due to their their negative thoughts there isn’t left any willingness to work which is leading them to get failure in their life. So I would like to say that you have to be strong and positive, and you should work hard, try hard, so that all your hopes and dreams will come true…
I hope this type of approach will help our humanity and in this way, poverty can be vanished!

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